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21st Century Pest Specialist is a family owned and run pest control company which strives to provide professional and personalised services to their customers in both the domestic and commercial sectors.


The directors have over 50 years of combined experience in the pest control industry and although their main aim is to assist residential and commercial companies on pest management, they also have a love and appreciation for animals and their environment. This means that the best treatment may not always be ”eradication” of the problem.  They pride themselves (along with the business they have created) on their gained knowledge, professionalism and relationships they have formed. 


With knowledge and experience, 21st Century Pest Specialist specialises in customising all treatments to each individual sites needs and/or customer’s requirements. We provide a professional and thorough service each and every time and ensure every client is happy with the treatment provided.

21st Century Pest Specialist offers a complete Pest Management service, however there are some pests that require specialised treatment.

We treat household pests such as: 

Fire Ants
Rodents (Mice and Rats)
Bees (relocation)
Bird Control
Clothes Moths
Wood Borers

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